Providing therapy to individuals,
couples and families
Cathy PhotoCathy Balzarett is an Advanced Clinician Certified in Imago Relationship Therapy since 1994, offering couples therapy, marriage counseling and individual psychotherapy in Northern Virginia and in the Washington, D.C. area.  

Prior to beginning her private psychotherapy practice, she worked extensively in the field of addiction and recovery. She specializes in working with couples in recovery from addiction and co-addiction issues and finds that relationship therapy helps stabilize and promote healthy recovery.  She also works with families and individuals dealing with problems of anxiety, depression and sexual issues.

Cathy has been married for 43 years and has two adult daughters and 3 grandsons. Having experienced the benefits of Imago theory and practice in her own marriage, she passionately believes that, “I know something about Love.”  She is committed to facilitating safe and positive relationships with couples, individuals and families.

Convenient hours by appointment - including evenings and Saturdays:

8206 Leesburg Pike, Suite 207
Vienna, VA 22182
703-893-8586 (click, then replace ATAT with @ before you send)

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About IMAGO Relationship TherapyIMAGO logo

Dr Harville Hendrixs' theory of relationships provides the basis of understanding how relationships really work. The theory is based on the premise that childhood experiences form an unconscious image or Imago.

Unconscious images play a powerful role in the formation of identity and choice in partner selection. The unconscious forces that attract us to our partner are also the source of conflicts and power struggles that develop in committed relationships.

lmago Relationship Therapy provides a powerful and effective pathway for couples to learn a new kind of relationship - the conscious relationship. By becoming conscious of their early wounds, couples can help each other complete their childhood. To get the love they want partners must mutually commit to the nurturing and validation they did not receive from their parents.

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Individuals and couples in distress oftenClients feel plagued by the following
  • Are you trapped in a cycle of un-manageable conflict?
  • Do you say, “I cant make changes alone”?
  • Do you find yourself burying the issues, going forward and then have the old issues resurfacing in your current conflict?
  • Do you feel anxious and tense every time your partner says, “I want to talk to you”?
  • Do you worry that others seem to magically know how to be in a re­lationship and you haven’t a clue?
  • Do you feel helpless knowing that you don’t want to leave, and yet don’t know how to stay in a rela­tionship?

Through individual and couples therapy, clients can learn to:Couple
  • Break through the cycle of conflict.
  • Effect change in relationships, if one person is willing to make the effort in a safe and intentional way.
  • Let the issues surface safely in a manner in which each partner can feel heard and understood.
  • Fight for the marriage/relationship rather than fight against it.
  • Develop a blueprint for successfully negotiating the stages of relationship.
  • Rekindle friendship and passion and reclaim hope for the relationship.
  • Begin to experience each other as friends, not as enemies: and “be on the same team”.

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